The Vayu teacher training with Ana was an inspiring and life changing experience. After many years of yoga and aerial practice I found a new level of working in my body; a deeper and more profound way that I've continued to explore on my own and with others ever since. I'm now looking for the next opportunity to study with Ana again!

— Rachel Freeman, UK

Studying with, and assisting Ana is always inspiring. The depth of her personal research into efficient movement pathways elicits incredibly fluid power in her own body and from her students.

—  Sonya Smith, MFA Dance Aerial Dance Track, University of Colorado-Boulder Aerialist, Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher, US

Ana's workshop was truly an amazing experience. Besides the exhilaration of learning to climb, the unique body strength and awareness was truly inspiring. Thank you for your unparalleled expertise, kindness and patience in teaching something that was a true gift to all of us. We hope to see you soon. Thank you so much Ana.

—  Cayley Smit Pile, Nanny Cay Yoga, Virgin British Islands

Ana is a very generous teacher and artist, and I have always appreciated her work in Aerial Dance workshops and in Gyrokinesis classes. I felt incredibly lucky to be able to experience her Vayu teacher training. Taking aerial yoga to a deeper level and understanding, the training was exactly what I needed not only to improve as a teacher but to improve also my own practice. If you've never taken a class or workshop with Ana, you definitely should!

—  Amanda Georges, Dancer / Accountant, Virgin British Islands

Ana's teaching has been invaluable to my growth as an aerialist and I am so grateful to have discovered and studied her techniques at such an early stage in my career.

Ana's Vayu Yoga course holds a positive and professional atmosphere from beginning to end. The course presents the opportunity to discover, practice and embody Vayu technique then further teaches you to transfer your understanding in preparation for teaching clients. She allows time for in depth discussion and provides progressive material that can be taught many times yet remains renewable to the essence that is Vayu.

— Sianna Bruce, Dancer and Aerialist with Fidget Feet, Scotland

Ana Prada is a blessing. Don't miss this occasion to improve your life.

— Barbara Requesens, Montreal, Canada